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The Nation Cup just finished yesterday with a victory from Brasil against Germany 3-2! We just regret and have the feeling that this kind of major event took place with a total indifference from the whole community, despite its awesomeness! But the sadest thing is that we have no stream or VOD of the event...And that's a real shame as this game looked pretty tight! Anyway, congraulation to Brasil that made the really good surprise by beating the Top germany team!

Score :

  • Magni: GER 7 - 6 BRA
  • Cagli: GER 5 - 7 BRA
  • Bikini: GER 6 - 7 BRA
  • 56N: GER 7 - 3 BRA
  • Behelit: GER 3 - 5 BRA

here we are! The most exciting project from ET-generation is about to end. With these Playoffs, real interesant things are about to be triggered and it will hurt! There was 16 teams that represented their coutries. And like the head cuters real warriors say, there can be only one. So prepare for a nation war, that will turn every confrontation since quadrupeds became bipedes for a kid sandbox bicking!

As a description, i will only evocate this amazing semi clash that will oppose France to germany. Why this discrimination? Because i am french! Of course i was kidding, we are on mania-Actu and not on ESWC main stage! So let's make a little effort. Indeed, this year, we will have the pleasure to see Brasil who both did a great league. With amazing players on both sides, we will certainly see a great game with amazing fights.

Who will meet in Grand Final? And who will win? Which nation will rise from the battle field. Which team will wake up from this gloomy dream, with the taste of blood and victory in their mouth? Which ones, from the thousand warriors, will come back to their land alive, meet their beloved and ensure its progeny?

1/4 de finale 1/2 finale Finale

Line's up :

Swiss :

  • 7Alvin
  • DaCapo
  • darthharibo
  • Galaxym
  • Kings Mex
  • L94
  • Mast3rk3y
  • no Skill but Luck
  • PIXX3L

Brazil :

  • rudiporto22
  • 711gico711
  • 711snyper
  • devidess
  • kasaro
  • kima08
  • leo94
  • NOEH
  • serujio
  • Vandall
  • vtr

France :

  • 20-100
  • Alexor
  • Cl_ment
  • Durty
  • gaetan
  • Greatadi
  • jimmy62
  • KYB
  • Ludo
  • nahoy
  • nath
  • NerZull
  • Porix
  • Tona
  • Zypher

Germany :

  • trevir
  • DonJupp
  • gerd
  • Kevin-Power
  • lmb-willy
  • majo
  • Marius89
  • ne1l
  • norman0800
  • oNio
  • passi
  • pranksta
  • Sirc
  • Sora
  • Yoshi92

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#1 by Majo on 2012-11-06 at 11:45

Of course i was kidding, we are on mania-Actu and not on ESWC main stage!

so true :p

#2 by Nene on 2012-11-06 at 12:09


#3 by Lmbwilly on 2012-11-06 at 22:56

Because i am french! Of course i was kidding, we are on mania-Actu and not on ESWC main stage!

ok i don't say nothing about me :D

But GL Germany vs France

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